Broken Authentication or Session Management

  1. You create an account in You add email [email protected]
  2. Your email account gets hacked.
  3. The hacker figures out you have a user on The hacker clicks the reset-password-link. But does not use it.
  4. The hacked person figures out that he is hacked and thus goes to to change his password.
  5. The hacker now clicks on the link and manage to reset the password.

The problem here is that the first reset-link should be blocked once the second is sent.

Relevant bug bounty reports

An easy way to test this is by using burp-suite.

  1. Open burp-suite
  2. Login to a website you want to test
  3. Intercept the request, anyone will do.
  4. Right click on the request in burp-suite and click on "Send to repeater". Now you have saved that request for later. With the current cookie.
  5. Log out from the website
  6. Go to the Repeater-tab in burp and click on "Go".
  7. Verify that you are redirected to the login.

Relevant reports on hackerone

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